Travel to the Czech Republic

travel to the Czech Republic
So, the foundation has been received, there is a company. How is checkout done? From 1.1.2011, according to the new version of the law on the stay of foreigners, entrepreneurs and members of their families can apply for long-term visas (previously called visas over 90 days) for a period of 6 months. This is a type D visa, which is issued for a long-term stay, being a Schengen visa. Further, already in the Czech Republic, the visa can be extended to a full-fledged residence permit, a long-term residence permit issued for up to 2 years. But, this is already later, for starters, the entrepreneur has a way to make his entry into the Czech Republic legal, for which it is worth contacting the consulate of your country to apply for a long-term visa, attaching documents according to the list corresponding to a certain type of visa, the basis for obtaining it . When receiving documents