Residence permit, Permanent Residence

Residence permit, permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

Residence permit in the Czech Republic.
How to get legal status in the Czech Republic?
To begin with, consider the terms: Long-term visa, residence permit, permanent residence
A long stay visa (often referred to as a business visa or more commonly a residence permit) is a visa for more than 90 days on a specific basis. There is a type of D-internal and D + C internal Czech visa, plus the possibility of traveling to Schengen during the first 3 months of its validity. Such a basis is: work, training, participation in a legal entity (company), family reunification.
Residence permit (residence permit in the Czech Republic) – a status for living in the Czech Republic, is also assigned the status of a long-term resident of Europe, allowing movement in the Schengen countries. There are no special rules for its preservation, but it is recommended to live in the Czech Republic for several months a year. A residence permit for entrepreneurs is issued for a period of 2 years. Work permits are linked to a work permit and are limited to 1 year.
Permanent residence – status for permanent residence in the Czech Republic with the status of a European resident, which also allows you to move around the Schengen countries. The condition for obtaining it is to stay in the country for at least 5 years (during this period, the possible absence should not exceed 10 months).
All these steps will need to be completed if obtaining permanent residence or citizenship of the Czech Republic is the goal.
At the moment, the real grounds for obtaining visas for more than 90 days, and subsequently a residence permit, are studying in Czech educational institutions and managing your own company. Spouses who are not part of the management of the company and children will be able to obtain long-term visas for family reunification.