Rejection of a Visa

Rejection of a visa to the Czech Republic

Rejection of a visa to the Czech Republic

This unpleasant moment, which may violate plans for emigration or residence plans for doing business, is regulated by the law on the stay of foreigners, namely its 56th paragraph.
Article No. 1 contains the most basic reasons, the main ones are hidden under the letters “E” and “I”.
In the first case, we are talking about an incomplete, incorrect or fake document submitted as a set when the applicant submits it to the Czech Consulate.
In the second case, the matter will be in the suspicions of the Czech Consulate that the foreigner will not leave the country, or intends to use this type of visa for other purposes.
Of course, there is also a minimum percentage of failures, which is called due to inattention. As a rule, this happens due to incorrect filling of the questionnaire, or because of the ending passport.

And what to do? Can I apply again and after how long?  

You can submit documents again and immediately, but here you should not rush.
First, you need to carefully consider the reason for the refusal. There are too many nuances in the issue of preparing documents and passing an interview at the consulate.

We have enough experience and capabilities to solve this problem.