Property Owners Visa

Visa for property owners.

Schengen visa for property owners in the Czech Republic. Schengen passport for 5 years.

According to the latest current version of the visa code of the countries participating in the Schengen Agreement, the owner of the property has the right to stay in the Czech Republic and, of course, in the Schengen for 90 days in each half of the year.

In practice, it looks like the owner of even the cheapest real estate, for example, a small apartment in a small town in the Czech Republic, has the right to apply and with 100% certainty receive a Schengen multivisa for a period of 90/180. The Czech consulate is currently issuing a visa to the property owner, first for a period of 180 days, and then for a period of 1 year. Subsequently, such a visa will be issued to the owner for up to 5 years.

How it works:

Confirmation of the grounds for entry and stay in the Czech Republic and in all Schengen countries will be an extract from the real estate cadastre, where the applicant will be listed as the owner (co-owner) of the housing. Therefore, only an apartment in private ownership is suitable for visa purposes.

As already described above, co-owners of real estate (spouses, relatives, friends) have equal rights to travel around Europe.

What do we offer:

Our company has long and successfully dealt with investment in real estate in the Czech Republic, visa and legal issues. The place of our priorities is the north-west of the Czech Republic, on the border with Germany. We will offer you inexpensive apartments for obtaining   visas for property owners, which you can use as your own apartments without resorting to the services of hotels in the Czech Republic. The convenient location will be an excellent starting point for trips to Western Europe, we are only 10 km from the border with Germany, and   about 60 km from the city of Dresden.

An extract from our many real estate offers, for obtaining an owner visa:

Apartment in Bilin, near the spa town of Teplice:

We offer for sale an apartment 2 + 1 with a balcony in private ownership. The apartment has plastic windows. Located on the 2nd floor of a clean house.

Price: 217,000 crowns (8,680 euros)

Another inexpensive apartment in Bilin.

We offer an apartment 1 + 1, 36 m2, the house has undergone a complete reconstruction, a facade has been made, windows have been changed to plastic, entrance doors. Low utility bills.

Price: 230000 crowns (9200 euros)

Apartment in Usti nad Labem:

We offer for sale an apartment 1 + 1, 33m2 in private ownership.

Apartment in a residential area, 10 minutes transport to the city center.

From the city of Usti nad Labem it is convenient to get to both Prague and Dresden. When using public transport, the travel time on the European electric train will be 1 hour to the above cities. Condition of the apartment: needs cosmetics, houses: windows have been changed, facades are planned to be reconstructed.

Price: 250,000 crowns (10,000 euros)

Option “visa with comfort”

One-room apartment in private ownership in the town of Teplice.

An apartment for sale in the center of the spa town of Teplice, in the Shanov district. Area 30 m2, first floor, apartment after complete reconstruction, new plastic windows, new laminate flooring, new tiles, new gas boiler, new gas heating. Near the resort area, parks, recreation areas, cafes. Low com. payments, (1400 CZK per month).

The price is 740 thousand crowns. (29600 euros)

 Attention!!! Only with us, not general phrases, but specific offers of inexpensive real estate for obtaining a multivisa, comfortable apartments (not only for visa purposes, but also for living, recreation or treatment in the resort town of Teplice), full support of the purchase and sale transaction, free consultation preparation of documents for visas, work experience 5 years.