Moving to the Czech Republic

How to emigrate to the Czech Republic
How to emigrate to the Czech Republic?

Emigration to the Czech Republic is not associated with a point system, a visa to the Czech Republic does not have to wait for years, the procedure roughly corresponds to immigration to any other country in Europe.
The main thing is to have a basis for living in the Czech Republic – study, work, business.

More about the procedure for obtaining visas, residence permits, and how it is currently possible to emigrate to the Czech Republic?

Moving to the Czech Republic So, the decision has been made, the move should be carried out in the near future. Of course, you need to start your journey to Europe with a legal status. How to acquire status and emigrate legally


All bureaucratic obstacles are behind us, a type D visa flaunts in the passport. Now let’s go.
It is necessary to weigh all your possibilities, to study the language, because moving to the Czech Republic, as well as to any other country, is, first of all, stressful. Stress from a new environment, from an unusual circle of friends, from minor domestic troubles.
Knowing the language will probably help a lot at first.
Next, it is worth preparing the ground associated with living in the Czech Republic. First of all, housing.
A place to live has been chosen, a purchase of real estate is planned, unless, of course, the property was bought in advance.
all about buying an apartment here

If for a start we are talking about renting an apartment, then it is worth considering offers on the rental market. When renting an apartment in the Czech Republic, there are several nuances that significantly distinguish the process of renting a house from what we are used to.

Housing is bought or found (or at least options are viewed or contacts are established), now the word moving is filled with direct meaning.
What to take with you? Everyone decides for himself. You can take your favorite things with you, or you can take a lot of things and order a container, but you must not forget the documents, such as: an internal passport – will be needed to get a foreign one at the embassy, ​​birth certificates, vaccination cards for children, marriage certificate for spouses .
Upon arrival, do not forget about the legal obligation to register with the Aliens Police within 3 days.