Housing in Prague

What will be discussed here? People often ask: how to buy property in the Czech Republic? How is the purchase of real estate in the Czech Republic by foreigners? So, the decision has been made, we are looking for real estate in Prague or in the regions of the Czech Republic, how to understand the terms of the purchase … We will start to deal with property rights, there are several of them. The most common private and cooperative. We will not consider several species due to the lack of interest in them and the complexity of understanding. This refers to different options for shared ownership, leased, etc. The property is private – ideal for buying, because. you can take a mortgage on this type of property, it can be purchased by an individual, i.e. “for a passport” Naturally, it is also possible for foreigners to buy real estate in the Czech Republic. In Prague, buying real estate, private property is easier than in the regions, because. there are more private apartments than cooperative apartments and their price will be either the same or up to 20% higher. In some regions of the Czech Republic, for example, in Teplice, the situation has developed in such a way that cooperative housing prevails, private property is poorly represented and mainly in the old brick housing stock in the city center. This was reflected in the strong division of prices for cooperative and private housing, sometimes by 2 or more times. Cooperative ownership is also a good choice. For some reason, it is believed that a cooperative apartment is bad. There are no horrors with the extortion of cooperatives, the oppression of foreigners, and even “weaning of housing”. What is worth noting in the difference: a cooperative apartment does not pass into ownership, only into possession along with a share in the cooperative and the right to reside. You can’t get a mortgage on it. Purchase of cooperative real estate in the Czech Republic by foreigners, mainly