EU citizenship. EU passport

EU citizenship. EU passport

EU citizenship. EU passport.


100% guarantee that you will have a Czech residence permit in your pocket.


According to the current legislation on the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic, a person who has EU citizenship has complete freedom of movement in all countries of the Schengen area and the European Union, and of course, the right to reside in the country, conduct business and work without a work permit   . The holder of an EU passport has the opportunity to declare that he stays for a period of more than 90 days if he has a business in the Czech Republic. The Ministry of the Interior will issue a confirmation of temporary residence. The family of an EU citizen is also entitled to a residence permit, i.e. the applicant’s children and spouses will receive residence permits in the form of passports.

The program for obtaining an EU passport, a residence permit in the Czech Republic, family connections.

First step . Collection and preparation of documents

Applicant’s birth certificate. Passport of the applicant (first page only). Marriage certificate of the applicant. Birth and marriage certificates of the applicant’s parents. Birth certificates of children. Application form of the applicant.

Second step . Submission of documents to the Department of Citizenship and Migration.

You will need to appear in person to apply.

Third step . Passing the oath and obtaining an EU passport.

Fourth step . Preparation of grounds for long-term residence in the Czech Republic, submission of documents to the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic, Department of Migration Policy, Office for holders of EU passports.

EU citizenship in questions and answers:


– And if this duplicate of the passport does not pass at the border, why should I buy it?

No duplicate passports! You don’t buy a passport. You receive EU citizenship, you are personally present at the filing of documents, at the oath, you receive an internal card, a foreign passport with biometrics. The Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Czech Republic will personally issue a document on a long-term stay.

– Is it possible to change your mind about the Czech Republic and go to work in another EU country, for example, in Germany?

You become the owner of an EU passport, have the right to work without a work permit. Did you find a job there? Great, you have freedom of movement, you can work in Germany.

– And if I go under the business immigration program to the Czech Republic, get a visa, extend it to a residence permit, then after 5 years of stay get permanent residence, will I have the same rights?

Almost, but not quite. EU citizens have a different attitude, supported by EU directives, with the right to work in another country of the union without a work permit. With the right to travel not only in the Schengen countries, but also in Britain, the USA, Canada.

  – Yes, but it’s more expensive and longer than getting a business residence permit, isn’t it?

Getting an EU passport will take 6 months, preparing and getting a Czech stay about 3-4 months. On the way of business immigration, only obtaining the first visa and waiting for an extension to a residence permit will take a year or more. At the same time, you will need your own operating business, because without it it is not realistic to get a long-term visa.

For renewal to a residence permit, it will be necessary to show a living wage in the form of remuneration to the head of the business for the whole family. With this remuneration, it will be necessary to pay social. and honey. Insurance, tax deductions. So, we consider: your business + remuneration for the whole family, deductions to funds and taxes, payment for an accountant … from 10 thousand euros, for a small family, and we are only at the beginning of the journey.

Interested in the program for obtaining an EU citizen’s passport, legal stay in the Czech Republic or work in any EU country? Write to us for detailed answers to your questions