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Czech real estate market

Czech real estate market(Greenhouse Czech Republic) 

Or what “greenhouse” they mean when they ask: Greenhouse Czech Republic
So, the real estate market in the Czech Republic in numbers. According to the Union of Realtors of the Czech Republic, the real estate market is now in the process of returning to growth. After a significant decline in demand for expensive real estate, the rise began just in the segment of cheap real estate in the Czech Republic.
In the resort town of Teplice (namely, this is how its name is correctly pronounced, or rather even Teplice), stabilization and a slight increase in prices for real estate in cooperative ownership began this year.Below is an analysis of the value of real estate and rental rates calculated for a standard apartment in a panel building with an area of ​​about 68 square meters and located in private or cooperative ownership (secondary housing).

Few numbers.
The most expensive apartments in the Czech Republic:
Praha 2,893,000 Kč
Brno 2,016,000 Kč
Karlovy Vary 1,878,000 Kč
Plzeň 1,732,000 Kč
Kladno 1,726,000 Kč
Mladá Boleslav1 661,000 Kč9

The cheapest apartments in the Czech Republic:
Teplice 0 008
615 Kč
Semily 789 000 Kč
Sokolov 851 000 Kč
Česká Lípa 871 000 Kč
Ústí nad Labem929 000 Kč
Cheb 944 000 Kč

Highest rental prices:
Praha 10 064 Kč
Brno 7 956 Kč
Kladno 7 684 Kč
Mělník 7 344 Kč
Mladá Boleslav7 140 Kč

Lowest rental prices:
Semily 4 080 Kč
Náchod 4 692 Kč
Cheb 4 828 Kč
Tábor 4 896 Kč

Sokolov 4 964 CZK

As can be noted from the comparison tables, the most attractive apartments for subsequent rental will be apartments in Prague. Not bad to buy for yourself, there will be apartments located in the lower price segment, namely in the Central Bohemian and Ustets region, in the cities: Kladno, Mlada Boleslav,Teplice,Usti over Labem.
The Karlovy Vary Region is less attractive for investment, showing low rental prices while real estate prices are still too high.