Company Opening

Opening a company in the Czech Republic

Opening a company in the Czech Republic
Registration of a company will always be the first step, whether you plan to conduct business, obtain a residence permit or purchase real estate. At the moment, according to European standards, it is possible to buy an apartment in private ownership for an individual, even without a long-term visa or residence permit. But, this statement does not apply to apartments in cooperative ownership and real estate purchased with a mortgage. It is possible to get a mortgage loan for housing so far only for a company, and for a company whose charter contains only one type of activity – renting out real estate. Therefore, to begin with, it is worth consulting which of the registration options to prefer. If we are talking about buying an apartment using a loan, then if you have a license, the bank will refuse a mortgage. If the apartment is bought by an individual, or real estate in cooperative ownership, and the company is necessary to obtain a residence permit, or entrepreneurial activity, then the company will need to be registered with the business department, i.e. get a license. In most cases, a license for free activities will do.
There are 80 of them, the name of the license sounds: “Production, trade, services …”
The following is a list of free enterprise:
1) Provision of services in agriculture, horticulture, fishing, forestry and hunting
2) Provision of qualified services in forestry
3) Preparation of forest management plans and bases
4) Processing of reproducible forest tree species materials
5) Breeding and training of animals (except for the production of products from animals)
6) Mineral processing, peat and silt extraction
7) Production of food and starch industrial products
8) Distilling
9) Production of feed, feed mixtures, additives and premixes
10) Manufacture of textiles, clothing and accessories
11) Manufacture and repair of shoes, leather and saddlery goods
12) Wood processing, production of wood, cork, rod and straw products
13) Manufacture of fibrous materials, paper and cardboard and goods from these materials
14) Publishing, printing, binding and copying
15) Production, reproduction, distribution, sale, rental of sound and acoustic visual recordings, production of non-recordable data carriers
16) Production of coke, crude tar and other solid fuels
17) Manufacture of chemicals, fibers and products, cosmetics
18) Fertilizer production
19) Manufacture of plastic and rubber products
20) Glass production and processing
21) Manufacture of building materials, porcelain, ceramic and plaster products
22) Manufacture of grinding materials and other mineral non-metal products
23) Grinding technical and precious stones
24) Production and metallurgical processing of iron, expensive and non-ferrous metals and their alloys
25) Manufacture of metal structures and metal products
26) Artistic and craft processing of metals
27) Processing and welding of metals and other materials
28) Manufacture of measuring, experimental, navigation, optical and photographic instruments, equipment
29) Production of electronic components, electrical equipment, production and repair of electrical equipment, instruments and electronic devices operating under low voltage
30) Manufacture of non-electric household equipment
31) Manufacture of machinery
32) Manufacture of motor and trailer vehicles and bodies
33) Manufacture and construction of floating craft
34) Manufacture, development, design, testing, installation, maintenance, repair, modification and redesign of aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, composite aircraft, ground equipment
35) Manufacture of railway moving vehicles, trams, trolleybuses, cable cars and railway park 36) Manufacture of bicycles, carts for the disabled and other non-motorized vehicles
37) Manufacture and repair of upholstery
38) Manufacture, repair and maintenance of sporting goods, games, toys and prams
39) Production of medical devices
40) Production and repair of sources of ionizing radiation
41) Manufacture of stationery except paper products, production of bijouterie, brush products, garments, umbrellas, commemorative items
42) Manufacture of other products of the processing industry
43) Operation of water pipelines, sewerage, repair, laying of water supply
44) Waste disposal (excluding hazardous)
45) Preparatory and finishing construction works, specialized construction works
46) Glazing work, frame insertion, passe-partout
47) Intermediary activity in the field of trade and services
48) Wholesale and retail trade
49) Pawnshop and retail sale of used items
50) Maintenance of motor vehicles and equipment
51) Provision of pipeline and land transport services (excluding rail and road motor transport)
52) Warehousing, packaging of goods, cargo handling and technical support of transport activities
53) Forwarding and representation of interests at customs
54) Provision of postal services including postal services abroad
55) Hotel services (boarding houses, mini hotels)
56) Provision of software, consulting services in the field of information technology, data processing, provision of hosting and similar services, web portals
57) Activities of information bureaus
58) Real estate activities, management and maintenance of real estate
59) Renting out movable property
60) Consulting activities, preparation of special studies and expertise
61) Designing the design of land plots
62) Development of technical projects, graphic and drawing works
63) Electrical Equipment Design
64) Research and development in the field of natural and technical or social sciences
65) testing, measurement, analysis and control
66) Advertising, marketing, media representation
67) Design, decoration, modeling activity
68) Photographic Services
69) Translation activities
70) Services in the field of administrative management and organizational and economic services
71) Travel agency, provision of guide services
72) Out-of-school upbringing and education, organization of courses, lecturing
73) Operation of cultural, cultural, educational and entertainment equipment, organization of cultural events, entertainment, exhibitions, fairs, shows, auctions and special events
74) Operation of physical culture and sports equipment and organization of physical culture activities
75) Household laundry, ironing, mending clothes, home textiles and personal effects
76) Provision of technical services
77) Repair and maintenance of household items, cultural items, fine mechanics products, optical instruments and measuring instruments
78) Provision of personal and personal care services
79) Provision of services in the household
80) Production, trade and service of other services