Citizenship in the Czech Republic

citizenship in the Czech Republic
Citizenship of the Czech Republic from a swoop is impossible to get. Even with Czech roots, it is impossible to immediately obtain citizenship, officials are in no hurry to distribute it. How to get citizenship of the Czech Republic? You already know that you can permanently reside in the country with a legal residence permit. At the same time, the required period for citizenship has not yet been calculated. Only after receiving the status of permanent residence, and with it many rights comparable to civil rights, except perhaps for the electoral one, the countdown of the required 5 years of residence to obtain citizenship in the Czech Republic will begin. Citizenship is not a residence permit and cannot be called automatic. To become a citizen, it is not enough to live for 5 years, they will consider the contribution of a foreigner to the Czech Republic, his history, activities. The receipt of a citizen’s passport may be affected by fines, benefits received, or vice versa, some merits to the new homeland will be taken into account. And besides, dual citizenship is not recognized and you will have to give up your own.